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It is necessary to pause, once in a while. Heavy mental activity can overwhelm and become exhausting. Thinking is tiresome. Thoughts require energy, when there are more thoughts, they require more energy. If the thoughts are of a worried and anxious kind, they are detrimental to our stores of energy as they deplete us very quickly. It is the same with happy thoughts, memories of the past that fetch a smile. These too are costly. However, these both have different end effects. Happy thoughts that cost us energy leave us… Happy. Unhappy thoughts that cost us energy leave us… Unhappy. It is impossible to escape from our thoughts, we would cease to live if our thoughts stopped altogether. We need to pause and halt the outpour of resources. Our energy is precious. Noticing that the mind is thinking away valuable energy stores is the first step. Taking action and pausing is the next. Simply by concentrating on one neutral thought, like the breath, allows for the stemming of this energy leak. This precious and valuable energy is wasted when the mind thinks of the past, which is gone, forever. And the future, which doesn’t even exist yet. The energy should left for and diverted to the unconscious for healing purposes. We need to save some energy for our unconscious mind to regulate our bodies. These are not immediate, but the body does need time to work with this conserved resource to heal and then the healing effects may be perceived.

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