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Pay attention to the breath, concentrate on breathing in and out, mindfully. Respond to emerging thoughts, consciously. 

How should you Meditate?

Realise that there is no goal in meditation, you will not reach a destination. You must remain with the journey. This journey is the realisation of deep inner peace. There are various ways that you can meditate. Meditation is a natural state of mind. It exists in many variations: objective meditation, sitting, lying down, walking, general awareness, moving, etc.  Meditation is a practice available to all, and it can all start with the breath.


Our breathing is regulated, become aware of the breath, take control of the breath. As soon as we think about meditating, we begin meditating. As soon as we think about the breath, we take over, consciously. By engaging in this practice, we are able to better regulate our unconscious mind, the part of our mind that reacts rather than responds. We are training ourselves to take control when control is out of reach.

It's your breath


During meditation, the mind will wander, and perhaps thoughts will creep in that make us feel uncomfortable. But we should not make them feel uncomfortable. Instead, we should accept them without judgement, without criticising them. They are important and welcome. They are so welcome that we offer them a place to stay, we offer them space, we offer them comfort, we are mindful towards them. Can you imagine existing as a negative thought? How would you like to be treated? We treat an illness with compassion, not with the opposite. Be mindful of all your thoughts.