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Meditate wherever you are able. We are often unable to meditate where we would prefer to, so rather than adopt a preference, just carry your meditation with you.

At Home? At Work? In my Car?

Meditate where you feel most comfortable. During meditation, you will become very vulnerable, so you should only meditate somewhere you feel safe. We aren’t always able to meditate in our designated space at home, so we should not allocate a preference. Ideally, we should be able to meditate anywhere. Where we meditate should not matter, we are exploring our inner terrain after all. We spend so much time focusing on the external world, we neglect the internal one. Spending time in the internal world gives us quality time to discover our own thoughts, feelings, and desires. 


Spend quality time in your internal world

The Environment

The environment does influence our meditation. We are more likely to reach a state of relaxation in a quiet space than if we were to meditate in the middle of a busy street. This is not to say that both do not have their merits. 

There are spaces that offer the ideal environments for meditation. I have listed some of these below:

1. A designated meditation room

2. Gardens/park

3. Holy Spaces

4. Near rivers, streams, lakes

5. Library

6. Bookshops

Everywhere and anywhere