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Hello, I am

Steven Thirkle

I Meditate

Meditation allows me to feel deeply connected with the world and helps me to stabilise my responses to external disturbances. The extremities of stress can be overwhelming, and at times, can make us want to shut off from the world and build up defences that don’t allow us to fully experience our environments. Meditating, controlled breath, or simply spending time with oneself, can allow for greater control over these human responses. For me it has, anyway. And perhaps it could do the same for you. Why not find out?

What I offer

Meditation Coaching

Nature Immersion

My own practice is inspired from my love for nature


I use HeartMath tools and techniques to guide an easy introduction into meditation


I am equipped with a particular perspective which makes it a joy to communicate

About me

My Story

I am Steven Thirkle.

I actively meditate every day and it helps me live my life.

I have engaged in meditation for many years now, adopting mindfulness as a young teen, and thereafter studying various techniques of meditation to find what really worked for me, something that I could really stick to, habitually. 

I have attempted to refine my practice of meditation, to ensure that I was getting the most out of my time and effort. This, coupled with my status as a researcher, led me into the arms of HeartMath. I have used HeartMath techniques in my own practice for over a year now and with a few adaptations here and there, have found a practice that I really enjoy engaging with. As I have mentioned previously on this website, meditation helps me immensely, and in many ways. I hope to share and distribute what works for me, as a HeartMath coach, in the hope that it might help you too.


Why Meditate?


Meditation is a simple technique. We all have the capacity to engage in it, there is no ability required. It is impossible to live a life free of stress and pain. However, meditation can grant us certain powers of resilience. A quote by Maya Angelou demonstrates this nicely: “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

Modern everyday life is testing; there are setbacks, barriers, and often limited resources for us to deal with. We are incredibly vulnerable creatures, as much as we hate to admit it. This vulnerability, in our daily lives can often lead to an emotional penetration, disturbing us for hours, days, weeks, months, and even years! This is a lot of time and energy!

If you were able to adopt a practice which could potentially save you quite a lot of time and energy, would you adopt it?

Listen to Steven offer a free guided meditation session